The general director of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal, appraised the growth experienced by the contact center ESPIC, located in Els Arcs de La Massana building. This company, which has been providing its customer service for third parties, has doubled its workforce in one year and a half, reaching today 60 employees.
Nadal visited the facilities with the deputy director of Andorra Telecom, Antoni Ambatlle, and the director of ESPIC, Joan Foix. ESPIC is the result of the alliance between Andorra Telecom and the Spanish company MST to provide customer service both in the national and international markets. The increase in the number of workers pushed the expansion of the facilities to a new plant of the Arcs building, in La Massana.
The Contact Center counts currently with ten clients, half of which are foreign companies that transferred their customer service to Andorra. Indo optics, computer components D-link and Másmóvil (fourth Spanish telecommunications operator) are among these companies.
Andorra Telecom entered in July 2016 the capital of Másmóvil. The agreement allowed to establish a preferential relationship and synergies between the two companies that enables ESPIC to become a customer service provider.
ESPIC personnel is currently attending in six languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Italian.
The creation of ESPIC is part of the economic activity’s diversification projects of Andorra Telecom to replace with new activities the fall of income derived from the new roaming policies within the European Union. Nadal said with the Contact Center, expectations are being fully met. “A company closing with €49,000 profit with only ten months of activity means we are facing an excellent result,” Nadal said.
Last year’s business incomes reached almost 600,000 euros, and this year “We expect to double such results,”. At the same time, Nadal expressed his satisfaction as this Andorra Telecom’s project generates wealth and new job opportunities.

Text: Andorra Telecom
Photo: ESPIC Andorra