​ESPIC customer service center and the Piolets Park Hotel have joined, on Thursday, the Inclusive Business Network by signing an agreement with the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Interior, Xavier Espot. Doing so, both companies have received the inclusive business badge.

The inclusive business Network was created by the Government on 2016 to allow disabled people to enter the labor market. The aim is to facilitate their right to work and to create equal opportunities.

Andorra Telecom was the first company to join the Network, incorporating two people with disabilities to the commercial agency, last April. The signing of the two agreements of Thursday will involve the incorporation of a person with disabilities to each of the companies adhered.

The Minister of Social, Justice and Home Affairs, Xavier Espot, indicated that the signing of the agreements represents another step in this Network development, and the example of these companies opens the way to others that can also be adhered to, having a positive impact for citizens.

ESPIC, impulsed by Andorra Telecom and the Spanish company MST, which provides its services for Andorran and international companies, adheres to the network with the incorporation of a person at the Customer service and technological support. The director of ESPIC, Joan Foix, expressed the satisfaction for hiring this person, since “I believe he will give us more than what we give ourselves in return, for bringing values ​​and feelings to the Company”.

Hotel Piolets Park also adhered to the network and hired a disabled person to help cleaning the Spa. His director, Jordi París, was thankful for being able to participate in this project, and assured that the hired person has adapted very well to the team. Thus, he hoped that many other people and companies could benefit from this program.

Espot informed that other companies have been contacted, and in this regard, six of them showed the will to join the network.

The inclusive business Network has a specific orientation itinerary for those people who may need support, and counts with two specialists from the Servei d’Ocupació. The support for inclusion provides from prior assistance to the team, which is about to receive the new worker, to a dedicated follow-up for the worker during his stay in the company.

The members of the Network are committed to identifying job offers that could be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. These offers would therefore be sent to Servei d’Ocupació, which recommends the applicants that best adapt to the profile so that the proposed company can make the final selection.