The multinational business consultant everis, member of the NTT Data group, opened its office in Andorra on Wednesday, 5th of July. The new work center is born to promote the local companies’ technological transformation and will employ 30 people. Its implementation in the country has been accompanied by the Andorran Development and Promotion Agency (ACTUA).

The inauguration, which took place at the new headquarters located in Andbank’s business center, was attended by the head of the Andorran Government, Antoni Martí, the CEO of everis Europe, Fritz Hoderlein, and the Director of everis Andorra, José Enrique Boigues.

Fritz Hoderlein underlined during the ceremony that “for everis, the opening of this office means taking another step in our presence in Andorra, where we have been doing projects for the last 15 years” and stressed that “there is a wide number of companies in the Principality that may need a partner to accompany them in their process of digital transformation, and in everis, we work to be close to our clients, offering them the best business solutions. “

José Enrique Boigues, director of the Andorran office, pointed out that “everis’s vocation in Andorra is to maintain a sustained growth over time, through a strategy that allows us to apply our broad capabilities and Knowledge in different sectors “. He added that” we want to participate in the digital development of Andorra, working together with companies in disruptive initiatives generated from new technologies, and looking to new models of collaboration. “

Vocation of growth in the market

From the new office, Everis will provide to Andorran companies, or those having interests in the local market, its complete catalogue of business transformation and consultancy services, as well as solutions for development and maintenance of applications and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

At the same time, everis has been chosen as one of Andbank’s technology partners to collaborate in expanding its technological architecture and thus continue innovating in an even wider portfolio of leading services in the private banking sector.


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