The Government launched a new website featuring all the Administration’s public tenders. Applicants can download the bid specifications for free.

The new Website allows all interested entrepreneurs to participate in public tenders and see which are open. They can also obtain the bid specifications online without going to the Government building. All specifications can be downloaded for free, and for those who prefer to collect them at Servei de Tràmits, they will receive them on a pen drive for 30 euros. In addition, documents required in paper format will carry an additional cost per copy.

Although companies still cannot submit their bids to participate in public tenders on the website, the Government believes this could be possible in the future.
The launch of the new website also represents a benefit to the Administration, as 120 public tenders are presented each year and on average, 10 applicant companies bid for each tender. Therefore, around 1,200 bid specifications are delivered every year, and the new Web downloads would optimize current procedure.

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Author: Actua Actua