The total number of job applicants in the Servei d’Ocupació at the end of July stood at 396 people, which represents a slight variation of -4.1% (413 people) compared to the month of June, and -8.5% compared to the month of June of the previous year (433 people). This has been the lowest figure for job applicants in a month of July for the last 9 years, according to the Government of Andorra. In July 2008, job applicants registered in the Servei d’Ocupació were 257 people.

On the other hand, the total number of salaried employees for the month of May was 35,396 people, which represents an upward variation of + 3.0% compared to the same month of the previous year, in which there were 34,380. This is the highest registered salaried employees in the month of May in the last 6 years. In May 2011, 35,739 were registered. Also, the average wage earners over the last twelve months was 37,063, with a positive variation of + 2.4% compared to the same previous period.