The Minister of Land Department, Jordi Torres, inaugurated on Tuesday, November 14th, the technical conference held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Andorra Mobility Agency.

The conference, organised by the Government’s Mobility Agency and the University of Andorra, aimed at analysing the future Andorran mobility, its infrastructures and the impact of new technologies. In this regard, 10 conferences were held on these topics, and the day ended with a round table.

In his opening speech, Minister Jordi Torres recalled that Andorra’s evolution in the twentieth century has been closely related to developments in mobility issues, such as the opening of roads to connect Andorra with its neighboring countries. Torres added that traffic-jam problems had ceased to be the main social concern in the country, thanks to the Mobility Agency’s good management for the last 20 years

The minister is committed to the use of the new technologies for a sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility future in Andorra, with the aim of making the Principality a benchmark in this field. Jordi Torres also said that mobility should be, in the future, a lever for the country’s transformation in general.

The technical conference, on the occasion of the Andorran Mobility Agency’s 20th anniversary, took place in the University of Andorra’s auditorium. The event was attended by Andorran representatives of the public and private sectors involved in mobility management.

Source: Govern d’Andorra