The Secretary of State for Economic Diversification, Josep Maria Missé , presented on Tuesday during the cluster session of e- Health, the next economic mission to be held in Lisbon on May 13th, organised by the Iniciativa Actua.

The Andorran government and business delegation will be headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilbert Saboya and the Secretary of State for Economic Diversification. This event takes advantage of the actual good bilateral relations between the two countries. The aim is to promote the Andorran process to open its economy before Portuguese economic society, and present the process of internationalization of Andorran companies, one of the missions of the Actua initiative.

During the mission Andorra will be presenting itself as a good place to attract foreign investments and debate with Portuguese entrepreneurs during the meetings that will be organized.

This mission is organized by the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP) and the Government of Andorra under the Actua initiative, and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra.