Andorra Business announced on Friday the start of the third edition of the Growth program for business development. Up to 15 companies from Andorra will be able to benefit from this initiative which includes over 70 hours of specialized formation given by professionals from the business world, a tailormade growth program with 40 hours of individual mentoring in work areas such as digital and traditional marketing, commercialization and International sales, finance, strategy, organization and leadership. It also offers over 21 hours of group formation in the same specialties and 4 hours of special sessions.

The director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, recalled that “in the two previous editions a total of 29 of the country´s companies have already benefited from this program that allows for the improvement of knowledge to develop companies and is simultaneously a great opportunity to make business contacts thanks to its networking sessions and business cooperation. With the overall aim of helping companies find areas in which to improve and increase their long-term development”.

Company selection

Registration is already open and the deadline for applications is on June 3rd. You just have to fill out the admissions request form. Of all the companies that apply, a maximum of 50 will be selected and will receive a free recommendations guide. Of these 50, 20 will be selected to receive a masterclass in business pitches and will have to defend their candidacy. And finally, a maximum of 15 companies will be given the opportunity to carry out the full course.

The cost of Actua Business´s Growth Program for the selected companies is of 600 euros + IGI in order to participate, however the estimated value is of 15.000 euros.

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