Companies Idean, Andorra 2000 and Hyper Riu Runer (Epizen) joined on Tuesday the network of Inclusive Companies by signing an agreement with the Minister for Presidency, Economy, Labor and Housing, Conxita Marsol.

The project for the network of Inclusive Companies, created within the strategy framework for an inclusive work place for the disabled launched by the Government in 2016, has the goal of facilitating insertion into the workforce for people with disabilities and to guarantee effective equal opportunities.

In this sense, Marsol pointed out that the signing of today´s agreements signifies the incorporation of a person in each of the three companies. Therefore, from the signing of the first agreement with Andorra Telecom, 38 companies have joined the Network, including today´s three, and have created 39 job positions.

Companies identified as inclusive have at their disposal different support services for labor inclusion from the Servei d’Ocupació and in this sense, can rely on an existing specific itinerary in work orientation for people who require follow up and support. This also includes help for the company prior to the incorporation, a following of the hiring, the dedication of a work preparer for the necessary amount of time, subsequent follow up of the person in their job and any necessary technical assessment with regards to access to areas or the purchase of support products.

Companies participating in the Network belong to a variety of activity sectors such as: services, commerce, industry, hotels and restaurants, communications, administrative activities and auxiliary services, health and social services, artistic, recreational and entertainment activities. In all cases the jobs offered present characteristics and conditions which respond to the specific needs of the companies and that are adapted to the profiles of the people who will fill these positions.

Text and photo: Govern d’Andorra

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