ACTUA, the Andorran economic promotion agency, the Andorra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIS) and the Agence de Développement Economique et Culturel Nord-Sud organized a meeting for French and Andorran companies, at the CCIS, running from Monday 6th March to Tuesday 7th March.
During the first workshop, ACTUA presented the latest developments in the field of economic opening in Andorra. Later, several B2B meeting took place with the aim of strengthening commercial ties between the two territories.

The event also wanted to enhance contacts between new customers and partners to facilitate their business introduction to Andorra, to open new markets for exports and to facilitate trade exchanges.
The event was attended by representatives from the following French companies:

COVIMED – Engineering solar panels and lights
Aurore Cabinet – Construction and construction equipment
PROMETIL – Engineering, information technology
OXIANE – Mechanics and health
G-ECHO – Information Technology
Patrick Deyris Solutions – Marketing services, tourism
Cabinet ACODIT – Expert accounting for firms
Cabinet Duclusaud – Civil Engineering
Cabinet Marty – Insurance
STORMSHIELD – Information technology, cyber security
WONDERDICE – Games editing, toys, books
SOGETI FRANCE – Information technology, cyber security
FREEMINDTRONIC – Engineering and solutions in cyber security
Albert Degeilh – dental prosthetics