Andorra’s 2017 exports represented 106.22 million euros, according to the latest report from the Government of Andorra’s Department of Statistics, from January 29th. This figure represents a +17% with respect to 2016. Exports in December 2017 represented 8.68 million euros, 2.5% more than in the same period of the previous year.

In 2017, the categories which stand out are: “Pharmacy-perfumery”, +100.6%,”Construction”, +32.0%, “Others”, +21.9%, “Jewellery”, +21.6% and “Food”, +17.9%. On the other hand, “Fuels” presents a negative percentage value, with -3.6%.

The number of unemployed decreases

According to the Department of Statistics the number of unemployed is of 300 for the month of December 2017, with an annual variation of -0.3%, while the number of applicants seeking a better position is 248, with an annual variation of + 113.8%. The number of jobs available are 1,452, with an annual variation of + 14.4%.