The government informed that a dry run with passengers has been carried out at the Andorra-La Seu airport prior to the start of regular flight operations. These are the so-called load tests, which serve to ensure that the designed circuit from the arrival of passengers at the airport to the boarding of the plane function correctly.

Around thirty people took part in the simulation in the role of passengers. Therefore, they had to carry out the entire check-in process with luggage– hand or checked–, issuance and collecting of passes and go through security controls. Besides these passengers, participants included check-in personnel from the Air Nostrum company and members from both the Spanish Guardia Civil and the company responsible for luggage control.

Both the Government of Andorra and the Airports of Catalunya considered the simulation to be a success and that all is now ready for the start of regular flights next month. As was stated by the Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, Jordi Gallardo, Air Nostrum will offer a connection between the Andorra-La Seu airport and the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport starting from the 17th of December. There will be a return flight on Fridays and Sundays with the possibility of more flights being added during specific periods (for example Christmas holidays) depending on demand.

Tickets start from 59 euros and can be booked on the Iberia website, that uses the international OneWorld tool and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In addition, tickets can be purchased as a final destination or combining with other flights as a stop-over to reach a different final destination.

Text and photos: Govern d’Andorra

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