Over 200 people took part in the opening day of the Andorra Business Market, a participative, dynamic and open forum where companies, investors and entrepreneurs interact. In this second edition, once again organized by Andorra Business and the Business Market Network, with over 25 national and international investors are taking part, 27 start-up projects are being presented and the investors present gather an overall financing capacity of over 100 million Euros.

The program began with a presentation given by the Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, and president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, centered around the opportunities offered by Andorra in matters of business, entrepreneurial and innovation development. Gallardo highlighted that “the aim of this event is to attract investment to the country, enhance the entrepreneurial, start-up and business ecosystem, and to attract talent. All within the fixed strategic framework promoted by the Government of Andorra. It has once again surpassed all expectations by filling all available places.”

It was then time to kick off the roundtables on topics as diverse as the keys to building innovation ecosystems, investment in emerging and innovative technologies and talent management, feminine leadership and educational innovation in the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems. The morning ended with a more practical session with advice for private investments and for start-ups.

In this sense, the director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, explained that “we are betting on entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial development in the country as one of the fundamental lines of action. We think of it as a dynamic, practical and open forum allowing attendees to connect over two days with investors and experts known internationally in the fields of entrepreneurship, investment and business development”.

The program for the Andorra Business Market includes roundtables, conferences, investment rounds and networking areas taking place on the 26th and 27th of May and that will gather open models of investment in phases ranging from pre-seed and seed, to development and consolidation, as well as asset acquisition and business investment.

The presentations of 27 start-up projects will take place in the afternoon and on Friday there will be over 140 meetings between companies and investors.

Andorra Business Market 2021

The first edition of the Andorra Business Market was celebrated on June 18th 2021 in Andorra la Vella and surpassed all expectations i terms of participation. Over 130 people, including business owners, investors and entrepreneurs attended the act taking part in roundtables, conferences, investment rounds and networking areas.

Among the speakers, we must make special mention of the presence of Tom Horsey, one of Europe´s most active Business Angels, and Paloma Cabello, investor and advisor with ample experience in the ecosystems of business, entrepreneurship and start-ups. The event also included the participation of Francisco de la Peña, developer of the B series investment fund Invertits, Fernando Rodríguez Alemany, CEO of 15K Angels, and Fernando Moroy, from the international network of Business Angels Keiretsu Forum.

Stand out attendees also included firms such as Cupido Capital, the signature Àrea Financera, Della Capital and Puente Relevo, or the French investment platform Multipliers, the British Capital Partners, the European Foundation Finnova promoter of the Startups Europe Awards, as well as the European Community of Investors StartupXplore among others.

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