The companies Pronet, Mutuand and Hotel Isard were added to the network of inclusive companies on Monday 15th January. The network, currently made up of 10 companies, aims at promoting labour integration of people with disabilities, and its mission is to facilitate labour rights of people with disabilities and ensure equal opportunities in this field.

The three new inclusive companies have each added one person to their staff.

Mutuand recruited an administrative assistant on a 20-hour weekly contract. The company’s representative, Aureli Arribas, assured “it is important for the company to take care of people, regardless of whether they have a disability or not”. He also indicated that it is an honour to be part of the project, but regretted this is a newsworthy fact, as he believes “the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace should be a normal event”.

Pronet hired a cleaning person with a contract of 20 hours per week. Their representative, David Sanchez, said the company has always ensured the conciliation of family and the welfare of its workers, and that is why “if there are people who have more difficulties of labour integration, it is a pleasure for us to help.

Hotel Isard hired an assistant waiter to its staff, for a 20 hour contract work week. Alexandre Molleví, representing the company, explained the incorporation of this person was very positive, contributing to create a very good work environment.

The Minister for Interior, Social Affairs and Justice, Xavier Espot, who signed the agreements with the companies’ representatives, thanked them for their efforts to join the project, and hoped the network would continue to grow.

 Companies that join the network not only commit themselves to hiring people with disabilities, but also guarantee they do so in an open, inclusive and equal environment. For its part, the Government also offer a specific itinerary of employment counselling for people in need of support, and provide two specialised counsellors from the Employment Service to monitor them. The support for integration includes prior monitoring of the team where the worker is incorporated and the dedication of a labour supervisor for the time necessary, as well as the subsequent and continuous follow-up of the person in the job.

The project currently counts a dozen member companies, and there are four more companies in the process of signing the corresponding agreement.

Text and Photo: Govern d’Andorra

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