On Monday, November 23rd, Actua Empresa presented the Actua Business Internationalization Portal (portalempresa.andorrabusiness.com), a digital platform for internationalization and business with information geared towards Andorran companies wanting to prepare themselves and do business abroad. Through this powerful tool, one can obtain all types of information on how to prepare, what to consider when selling worldwide, technical aspects of internationalization such as insurance, Incoterms and, most importantly, access to data and concrete valuable knowledge providing access to market information, International tenders, contacts and import/export statistics.

The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, and president of Actua, Jordi Gallardo, indicated that the portal “is for Andorran companies already selling in foreign markets and for the ones interested in starting to do so or considering it”. In this sense, Gallardo explained that “part of the content is accessible free of charge and so as to access the rest of the content the company will have to register for free specifying its NRT number”.

In addition, the director of Actua Business, Judit Hidalgo, carried out various demonstrations of the tool and highlighted the potential for knowledge it offers, like: “Complete and up-to-date information on countries and markets, import/export data on specific products, tools to find foreign clients, fair identifiers, and researching public and private tenders around the world, even including the possibility of creating alerts to be fully up-to-date”.

Hidalgo also explained that through the Actua business portal “exporters can carry out a self-diagnostic allowing them to identify factors which limit their International growth and discover new opportunities”.

The tool also serves as a data base offering information and thousands of data points on:

  • Accessing advice to consider when exporting
  • Advice in choosing objective markets
  • Ideas on how to prepare a business trip or fair
  • How to choose the best International sales channel
  • Technical subjects: incoterms, International brands, means of transport, documentation, etc…
  • Tools to calculate costs and prices for export

For more information companies can call the offices of Actua Business, +376 812 020, or send an email to portal@actua.ad.

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Author: Andorra Business

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