ACTUA, the Andorran economic promotion agency, is training personnel of the Andorran embassies on foreign investment.

ACTUA began its first scheduled trainings in foreign investment with personnel from the Brussels Embassy, during the seminar “Corporate Social Responsibility and European Youth Card”, held on Monday, January 16. The seminar was organized by the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) in co-operation with the Network Business for Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). These training sessions aim to optimize efforts in attracting foreign investment and diversifying the Andorran economy.

The training sessions focused on: changes brought about by the economic opening, how to manage economic activities (company creation, business opening, liberal professions) asset investments, active and passives residences, and taxes applicable to individuals and corporations.

These sessions will take place in all other Andorran embassies in order to improve the level of technical knowledge within the diplomatic corps.