“Thousand worlds” is the name of the video game engineer Manel Quintana presented as a final project at the University of Andorra (Ud’A) this month of June. This effort will not end in the academic field. Its creator is now facing the challenge of developing it and launch it in the mobile devices’ competitive market.
Manel Quintana is the third entrepreneur to choose the NIU facilities, the companies’ incubator and accelerator Andorra Telecom has set up in La Massana, to develop products and companies. The new project was presented on July 11th, with Miquel Gouarré, head of the NIU facilities.

“Thousand worlds” is a JRPG, which in its English acronym corresponds to a Japanese-language role-playing video game. “It would be a sort of Legend of Zelda, a 3-dimensional role-playing game inspired by the oriental world,” he explained.

He has been working for the last ten months to achieve a first basic playable version. But still, He is aware of the work left ahead until launching the product through the App Store and Google Play, the distribution platforms of IOS and Android, respectively. Among these tasks, He must develop the game in the field of design, soundtrack, and the business model definition, as well as the marketing strategy.

Quintana emphasizes the NIU support and its mentors and advisors program is essential to develop such a project. “My knowledge is about computer engineering, but there are many other things to consider, and that I cannot deal with alone,” he said. He also said being in a center of these characteristics, is interesting for aspects such as: Mentoring contacts, a space for full-time work, a real and practical way to go forward, and the advices received, that show things that I may have overlooked. “

The NIU’s third project

In his speech, Miquel Gouarré, valued very positively the arrival of Quintana to the NIU for being a very different project than the first two who signed the collaboration agreement.

Other projects consist in a picture and tourism App, named Kopyk, and a monitoring tool that allows predicting the traffic that telecommunications networks will face.

Gouarré pointed out that the “Thousand worlds” project demonstrates that Andorra has talent to develop projects related to innovation and technology and that the NIU is an ideal place to grow. The manager of the incubator / accelerator has welcomed Quintana, assessed the quality of the work developed so far and wished him a lot of success.

The NIU, located at the Arcs building in la Massana, is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in the field of technology and to promote the development of new activities that contribute to the country’s economic diversification. The creation of the NIU is a proof of the public commitment and support to the productive and business sectors, but having in mind It should become economically sustainable for Andorra Telecom.

Text and photos: Andorra Telecom