The Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation Minister, Gilbert Saboya and the VISA’s director of consulting and business development for the South of Europe, Alfredo Marchese, reached a collaboration agreement that will help analysing tourists’ trends and behaviours in Andorra. The country will improve this way its offer of tourist services. The agreement was approved by the Government on May 9th.

Visa will provide the Government with information based on aggregated and anonymous data on the interests and habits of tourists in Andorra. Therefore, data analysis will allow to design strategies destined to reinforce the competitiveness of the economic sectors present in the country.

This collaboration will provide information on aspects such as the areas with a highest number of visitors, the volume of tourist expenditure, the days with the highest number of visitors, their country of origin, the frequency of their journeys, the days spent in Andorra and the sectors of activity preferred by visitors.

The Government will obtain segmented information by country of origin, geographical areas and sectors of activity of shops and establishments. Key indicators can be compared with other markets by sector and level of expenditure. By identifying trends, strengths and opportunities, Andorra may be able to improve its economy.

Saboya stated that the development of knowledge tools on the behavior of visitors in the Principality is key to improving their experience and, therefore, the competitiveness of business sectors. He highlighted the qualitative leap in the development of strategies thanks to Mobility and transactional data. For Visa’s executive, Alfredo Marchese, the project means that Andorra has the most advanced tools in knowledge management analysis, as well as unique and exclusive Visa information that will facilitate decision making with greater scientific rigour.

The collaboration with Visa Consulting & Analytics will be ensured through the Andorran Data Hub, promoted by Actua.

The Government and Visa both agree this project will enable future collaborations in the field of innovation applied to the competitiveness of the Andorran economic sectors.