A delegation made up of 15 members from the Associació Catalana d’Executius, Directius i Empresaris (ACEDE), visited Andorra on Thursday, September 21st, with the aim of learning about business opportunities currently existing in the Principality.

 The Andorran Secretary of State for Economic Diversification, Josep Maria Missé, presented the main economic aspects that place Andorra as one of the best destinations to invest in in 2017. ACEDE members showed interest in the necessary requirements to open a business in the Principality, the functioning of the Social Security system, labour aspects and sectors to be promoted, and other issues that arose during the meeting.

 ACEDE has 700 members, including businessmen, some of whom have already opened businesses in Andorra, and business association representatives. The attendees belong to sectors as diverse as ICTs, health, entrepreneurship, consulting, tourism and real estate businesses.