The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) considers Andorra as one of the countries that “broadly” respects the exchange of fiscal information, according to the Global Forum’s ranking on Transparency and Exchange of Fiscal Information.

This classification has four categories and Andorra appears on the list recognizing the most collaborative countries. In the previous evaluation, in 2014, the Principality obtained a “partially compliant” mark.

Both the OECD and the European Union are currently demanding this qualification to be obtained. In that case, countries won’t be included in the lists of non-cooperating countries on fiscal matters. The minister of Finance, Jordi Cinca, emphasized the Principality is at the same level as most countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States or Switzerland. For the Minister of Finance, this “highlights the important progress made by the country on the implementation of standards in relation to the exchange of priorly requested information “.

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Author: Actua Actua