The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilbert Saboya and the Secretary of State for Economic Diversification, Josep Maria Missé, led an Andorran delegation to Lisbon last Tuesday involving 16 business representatives to attend the seminar economic opportunities: Andorra-Portugal. The event, also attended by the Ambassador of Andorra in Portugal, Maria Ubach, involved 43 Portuguese entrepreneurs who participated in 52 bilateral meetings with Andorran companies’ representatives.

Organized by the Government of Andorra, the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra (CCIS), the seminar showcased Andorra as a country to invest in. Saboya presented the process of economic opening of Andorra and its associated ongoing projects. In addition, Missé explained the projects held by the Actua initiative in order to develop the Andorran economic opening. The Secretary of State also stressed the work accomplished within clusters to promote economic diversification in the country.

Government representatives were satisfied with the numerous meetings held by companies during the day, which were a key objective, as genuine contacts between Andorran and Portuguese entrepreneurs were sought after. They also highlighted the attendance of some recently formed companies at the economic mission, which reinforces and validates all the work accomplished by the Actua initiative clusters.

Andorra has received to date 5 applications for foreign direct investments from Portugal, a market which, as pointed Saboya and Missé, remains far from reaching the figures of Spain and France. This is the reason why, besides the awareness of the great potential and the remaining path to attract Portuguese direct investment, the Andorra economic mission was aimed at approximating Andorran reality to this neighbouring market.