Thyssen Museum opens on March 16th, its first international centre, a 250 square meters area in Andorra, for temporary exhibitions only. The first exhibit open to the public will be “Scenarios”, featuring 26 paintings from Carmen Thyssen’s private collection.

This third Thyssen centre (after Madrid and Malaga), under the artistic direction of Guillermo Cervera, will be located on Hotel Valira’s ground floor, a historical building on Escaldes-Engordany. During a short interview, on Thursday 19 January, in Fitur Madrid, Cervera said the museum will “complement and diversify the cultural offer already existing in the country”.

The exhibit “Scenarios” is focused on paintings from the XIX and XX centuries, which represent an “important part” of the Carmen Thyssen’s collection and features works by Ramon Casas, Anglada Camarasa, Gauguin and Richard Estes. The final list will be presented just before the museum’s official opening.

The Thyssen museum in Andorra, will only host temporary exhibitions over periods of 11 or 12 months, because of the profile of Andorran tourism. According to the artistic director “Andorra has an important touristic turnover, and we want to reach as many people as possible”

Why in Andorra?

The Baronesse’s nephew thinks this museum shows Carmen Thyssen’s more “romantic” side as this is where her only brother lived and where they both spent time together.
Andorra currently has 18 museums, and the incorporation of the Thyssen centre was, as stated by the Director General of Tourism Andorra, Betim Budzaku, “something Andorra needed to have a more global offer”